Woodstock Gardens Inistioge

Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum are located in the south east of Kilkenny just outside the beautifully picturesque village of Inistioge The gardens, overlooking the River Nore Valley, offer the visitor a wide variety of attractions and are a most relaxing and beautiful environment in which to spend a day. The gardens are undergoing restoration by Kilkenny County Council with further features and planting are being added all the time. The unique character of Inistioge is formed by its positioning as a compact urban settlement in a panoramic landscape, framing breathtaking views from approaching the village at Brownsbarn Bridge all the way up to Woodstock gates right across the valley.

The main development of Woodstock Gardens Inistioge occurred in the Victorian Period overseen by Lady Louisa Tighe nee Lennox and head gardeners, Pierce Butler and later Charles McDonald. The gardens are being restored to the period 1840 -1890 featuring plants and materials typical of the era. Highway men, Lords, reformers, poets and armies have all been influencers on the beautiful sleepy village of Inistioge Highway men, Lords, reformers, poets and armies have all been inflrs on the beautiful sleepy village of Inistioge

Woodstock Gardens Inistioge are home to a mix of formal and informal gardens with an arboretum, walled garden, terraced garden, yew walk and rose garden providing the main interest. Also of significance are two stunning avenues, the Monkey Puzzle Avenue and Noble Fir Avenue, and a rustic summer house. The arboretum is home to many fine champion specimen trees from Asia and South America. in particular. A number of these trees are recognised champion specimens. Nearby to the Arboretum is the Walled Garden laid out with fruit trees, a vegetable garden and a beautiful herbaceous border. Just outside the Walled garden is a stunning cast iron conservatory houses the tea shop.