Ash Promotions Limited T/a Bizlocator is a smart city solutions provider developed to link tourism to trade while enhancing the visitor experience. With a full turnkey service provided including design, installation and maintenance. We are partnered with all the leading manufacturers of hardware and we also have a complete range of software solutions to suit any project.


Outdoor Smart Way-finding Kiosk
Launched in July 2017 in association with Kilkenny Local Authority our first Outdoor Smart Kiosk is located on the Parade adjacent to Kilkenny Castle along Kilkenny’s main tourist trail.
Woking closely with Kilkenny Local Authority and TSSG (Waterford Institute of Technology) we developed Ireland’s first out door wayfinding kiosk incorporating digital signage with traditional signage.
The challenge was to link tourism to trade by creating an online platform allowing business owners showcase their business alongside local tourism attractions while providing the user a unique unbiased view of the local area.

Indoor Smart Kiosks
Our indoor kiosks were launched in May 2015 in Mount Juliet at the launch of Ireland’s Ancient East. With over 70 kiosks now deployed across Kilkenny Wexford and Waterford the smart kiosks have become a permanent fixture on the tourist landscape.


Features and Benefits of Indoor Smart Kiosks
• Business owners gt to showcase their business with images and text
• Scrolling lists rotate providing equal opportunities for top position
• 8 most searched categories listed _Bespoke to the county
• Weekly Distribution of brochures (this includes maintenance)
• 70 Kiosks located at key high density tourist locations
• 2 million Screen interactions since 2015
• Over 1 million brochures delivered
• GPS mapping
• Links neighbouring counties

Our Smart Wayfinding Kiosk incorporates a consistent theme encouraging users to explore the location. The touch screen has been developed to incorporate multiple visitor options and can be managed remotely. The Kiosk is a gateway for additional add-ons as they are developed and can include video and multiple language options.
Our product provides an Information point to allow users a more detailed narrative on the location. The digital platform will link tourism to trade encouraging the user to explore the surrounding area. It shows direction and distance, it also connects visitors with the city’s unique collection of assets. For out of tourism office hours the Kiosk is available for tourists to use day or night.
Text provides users with the history of the location (incorporating local information bespoke to the area) and a narrative helping to create a story during the visit.
The story will also incorporate information cross promoting the region and Ireland’s Ancient East. It is also proposed to develop Video.
The main message of the panel is storytelling in relation to places / venues on Ireland’s Ancient East. Only the most important elements of the story are portrayed. Language is simple and told in story mode. Part of the story is told by picture / illustration.

Content Production and Management
Our amazing creative design team can deliver ‘tailor made’ content for your projects. Whether you need static images, animation or video, we can produce you the content to get the job done. We live in an age of dynamic content that can be updated and changed at a moment’s notice to ensure your messages are always relevant to your target audience. Whether managed locally, as part of a network or in conjunction with the latest technology solutions, our systems are simple to use and don’t require any design or IT knowledge!