Malzards Bar Stoneyford

Malzard-O’Gradys Pub has been in the family of its current owner- Fred Malzard- for over five generations and 200 plus years. Originally, the business was started by James (“The Boss”) O’Grady, on the main street of Stonyford Village, County Kilkenny, to service a population that had risen locally due to the opening of a large woollen mill. In 1894, Fred’s great grandmother married a Malzard from the Channel Islands. When Fred’s grandfather- Alfie Malzard- returned to Stonyford to manage the pub, the Malzard name was added to the pub front. Intriguing history aside, this pub is all about family and community. To this day, Fred’s parents live behind the pub, while Fred’s family (including his wife and three daughters) live on the same street, just a few doors away. Passionately proud of his local village, Fred has grown up on this street, he went to school locally, he played hurling (an ancient Gaelic game) in the local fields and he counts his neighbours as his friends. At the heart of this village is the Malzard-O’Gradys Pub and at the heart of this pub is Fred Malzard; a man who knows how to bring together a local community in a lively celebration of storytellers, musicians, hurling enthusiasts (young and old) and experienced pint pullers. In an atmosphere of pure fun- and in the presence of local people who happen to pop in for a chat and a drink- visitors are treated to an experience that compels them to become a true Stonyford local as they learn how to puck a hurl, pull a pint, sing-along and dance with sheer delight and abandonment!