Ramor Theatre

The building which now houses Ramor Theatre was erected around 1845, the exact date is not known as there was never a dedication plaque put on it. It was built St. Mary’s Catholic Church on a disused sandpit, a site given by the Marquis of Headfort, despite strong opposition from two of his estate agents. It was built in the space of nine months, a remarkable feat in famine times and that it stands as such a sturdy building today, is a monument to the skills of the tradesmen of that era. In the 1980’s, with the population increase in the area, St. Mary’s Church became inadequate and uncomfortable and the parish had to decide on whether to extend or erect a new one, the latter decision was taken and the last mass was celebrated in it on the 7th October 1989.

The building lay idle until 1994 when Cavan Co Manager, Mr Brian Johnston came up with the idea to convert it into a Theatre. He gained support for his excellent idea and it was purchased by Cavan County Council, a short time later. The project then became a FAS training scheme and no expense was spared over the next five years to bring it to the finished product it is today, a most modern, luxurious, comfortable Theatre.

Apart from running a full programme of events the theatre is also home to Livin’ Dred Theatre Company and a member of the NOMAD network of venues.

It also facilitates development of community theatre through the Ramor Players who present productions annually.