Kilkenny Activity Centre

Kilkenny Activity Centre is a purpose built activity centre located just a short drive from Kilkenny City. Catering for groups of all ages. Our activities include bubble soccer, splatball, paintball, an outdoor assault course and loads of fun! We offer packages to suit individuals and groups alike, be it birthday parties, school tours, hens, stags, corporate groups or families looking for a fun day out.

Hells Kitchen Assault Cours

Our newly designed and recently built military assault course will ask that very question of every individual who dares to meet its challenges. Only the very toughest will survive in Hell’s Kitchen. It is a combination of specially built obstacles with swampland tracks and open country. But nothing is as it seems – one missed step and the swamp will take you and be sure to watch out for the water cannons.

Hell’s Kitchen is open to individuals and teams alike as well as families, schools, bootcamp groups, corporate and hens and stags and will challenge each individual’s endurance to the limit, both mentally and physically. Regular competitive events will be held which will include time trialling, team challenges and group motivation and let’s not forget our ‘Brain and Brawn’ challenge which is designed to push all your faculties to the limit.


Kilkenny Paintball is just 5 minutes from the city centre and a short drive from Waterford, Carlow, Tipperary and Kildare. Our games guarantee you an ass whipping and blood pumping experience where the laws of the jungle prevail – Kill or be killed (actually no one really gets hurt!). We are dedicated to giving you a fun filled but safe experience that you will never forget.
We offer top class facilities with both male and female changing rooms complete with showers, a coffee dock for light refreshments and a bar and restaurant at the disposal of those who want to take it to the next level. And of course fully trained marshals who ensure a safe and enjoyable shootout.
A perfect activity for stag or hen parties (there’s also the lower impact splatball option) or just for a group day out. So take time away from your everyday worries and join us for a day to remember….and maybe become the hero you always dreamt of being…… Or perhaps the villain!


Now introducing the brilliant game of “Body Bowling”. While in a bubble, participants are rolled towards a set of inflatable pins to see who can knock the most. Just like regular bowling except you are the ball!!……….. Let me hear you shout ‘STRIKE’!

As part of this introductory package we are also offering Footdarts.

Forget Footgolf……… Footdarts is the latest craze for family days out in Kilkenny.

Armed with just your football skills step up to the oche and see which of your group can get the highest score in “301”, “Around the Clock” or “Shangai”. If you want to get more competitive play team vs team in a game of Chase the Ace or Cricket!
Seeing as we are in Kilkenny you also get the chance to test your hurling/camogie skills in a game of Hurling Darts or perhaps step into the shoes of Catniss Everdeen in a game of Archery Darts.
In these games velcro covered arrows and balls are fired at a giant velcro dart board and if they stick you score. Just like ordinary darts you have three attempts to amass as high a score as possible! However we have added some little twist like shooting on the run to make it that little bit more difficult ……


Bubble soccer is the latest craze to hit Ireland’s activities industry and you can play it now in the heart of Kilkenny at the Kilkenny Activity Centre. Just like regular soccer this is a team game played on a football pitch with the object of the game to score more goals than the opposing team. That however is where the similarities end because in this game the participants are protected by a big, inflatable bubble which covers them from head to waist with only their legs free to move meaning any efforts to actually play soccer bring hilarious results. It is ideal for birthday parties and school tours as well as family days out.
So take part or just watch as players crash into and knock each other over like human bumper cars while trying to show off their football skills. Players can do backflips, dives, rollies or crash right into each other while the bubble takes all the impact. Anything goes really but watch out if you lose your balance or fall over as you might find yourself stranded upside down….. and no-one might hear you outside your bubble!