Belturbet Golf Club

Situated on the outskirts of Belturbet this gem of a course will not only challenge and deceive the most experienced player, but excite and test the beginner player.

Belturbet Golf Course is a scenic but testing 9 Hole, tree lined course. Established in 1948. It measures at 5,347 yards with a Par 68

Hole 1 –

A dog leg to the right with a long drive in between the bunker and a mound of trees leaves a short chip onto the green sloping front to back.

Hole 2 –

A straight drive is required from the tee as out of bounds is close on the left with the fairway tree lined down the right. A good approach is needed to a raised green with out of bounds over the wall to the left.

Hoke 3 –

Trouble from the tee box with a drain running across the fairway about 180 yards. Tree lined left and right to the green so need to be accurate on the uphill. Green is raised and out of bounds behind it.

Hole 4 –

Long par 3 required and a good shot to land on the green which is sloping back to front. Danger to the left and back of green with trees.

Hole 5 –

Straight drive required across the drain with treeS lining both sides of the fairway with out of bounds to the right. Approach shot to a raised green required as any shot landing behind the green requires a tricky chip back.

Hole 6 –

A short par 3 but don’t be deceived because its a postage stamp green which is difficult to land on. If the landing is missed it requires a hard chip onto it especially from the upper side.

Hole 7 –

This is a tough par 4 all uphill and carry. Trouble left and right with trees, requires a good shot into a blind green sloping back to front and two tier. Be careful where the pin is, trees also surrounding the green.

Hole 8 –

Dog leg to the right, straight drive between big trees and wall on the right leaves you in good shape. Beware not to go too far as trees on the third hole come into play. Big hitters could go straight over the wall and trees but is a risky shot.

Hole 9 –

A straight drive into a dangerous green with trouble all around, out of bounds left and right, beware of bunkers to the left also.