Waterford Walls

WATERFORD WALLS International street art festival has transformed Waterford City into an open air gallery leaving a legacy of artworks scattered throughout the City.

In 2018, Waterford Walls invites over 50 artists again to transform our city walls, continuing to make Waterford an essential cultural attraction and international go to street art destination.

Over 2 hours will take you through Waterford streets where you will discover some of the latest and greatest examples of street art, graffiti & mural art in Ireland. This tour is a detailed look at local and international artists who have left their amazing art on the streets of Waterford.

The guides are all street artists and experts on the scene and will show you some of the best stencil art, mural art, paste ups, and installations while teaching you about the artist behind the art and what their motivations are.

Waterford Walls festival takes place annually in August and this year you can witness over 50 artists live in action bringing another explosion of art to Waterford.

Bring your camera, you are guarantee to have lots of photographic material.